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Realizing the necessity and the importance of a good Catholic education, the Pastor was most anxious to get Sisters for a Catholic school.  On August 29, 1879, two Sisters, Sister Agatha and Sister Aurea of the Congregation of St. Agnes from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, came to Herzog to share the poverty of these people and to teach their children.  The parochial school in Ellis County opened in Herzog in September 1879.  The church built by Hon. W. C. Maxwell served well the double purpose of church and school.  Here the Sisters not only devoted their time to teaching religion and academic subjects but also the practical things of life as well.  Progress was slow; attendance at times irregular and the fee of 50 cents per month per child was quite a burden for many to pay.  Children knew they came to school to study, not to play.  Strict discipline prevailed in school.  Both English and German were taught in school and so was religion.  In church, the Mass was said in Latin.  Sermons, songs and congregational prayers in German.  German was the language spoken in the homes of this German settlement.

The Sisters dwelt for a time in the Alois Dreiling house.  When the new monastery was completed, the Sisters then lived in the old monastery.  In 1888, the Pastor Father Anselm Beyerau, O.F.M.Cap. built a large four-room school which measured 66 x 30 x 23 feet northeast of the school; a home for the Sisters 36 x 26 x 18 feet was built.  The Maxwells again contributed toward the building of this school and Sisters home.

The Sisters of St. Agnes continued to minister to this parish until the summer of 1989.



1879-          Sister Agatha Beschta

1879-          Sister Aurea Sellner

1880-          Sister Constantia Hochhaus

1880-          Sister Marina Mueller

1880-          Sister Pudentiana Baier

1880-          Sister Agatha

1893-          Sister Rosa Recker

1893-          Sister Thecla Reindl

1893-          Sister Salomea Darnieder

1893-          Sister Adriana Henze

1893-          Sister Andrea Forstner

Next several years unknown.

1913-14       Sister Cosma

1913-14       Sister Alfreda

1913-14       Sister Leona

1913-14       Sister Caroline

1913-14       Sister Celestine

1913-14       Sister Beatrice

1913-14       Sister Severine

1913-14       Sister Hortulana

1913-14       Sister Baptista

1914-15       Sister Cosma

1914-15       Sister Laurinda

1914-15       Sister Leona

1914-15       Sister Caroline

1914-15       Sister Celestine

1914-15       Sister Severine

1914-15       Sister Beatrice

1914-15       Sister Hortunana

1914-15       Sister Ursula

1915-16       Sister Flora

1915-16       Sister Leona

1915-16       Sister Laurinda

1915-16       Sister Caroline

1915-16       Sister Clarissa

1915-16       Sister Beatrice

1915-16       Sister Severine

1915-16       Sister Hortunana

1915-16       Sister Matilda Meier

1916-17       Sister Juliana Ries

1916-17       Sister Laurinda

1916-17       Sister Hilda

1916-17       Sister Clarissa

1916-17       Sister Beatrice

1916-17       Sister Appolinaris

1916-17       Sister Aquina

1916-17       Sister Rosaline Ruder

1917-19       Sister Henrica Huttner

1917-25       Sister Lucida Vorndran

1918-33       Sister Georgia Schrenk

1918-20       Sister Carissa Seidel

1921-26       Sister Delphine Herter

1922-23       Sister DeLourdes Foy

1924-25       Sister Mary Willaim

1925-39       Sister Concordia Ribacek

1925-26       Sister Leocadia Berger

1927-32       Sister Peter Claver Schirmer

1929-40       Sister Anthelma Feuerstein

1932-44       Sister Petra Wosikowski

1935-37       Sister Benigna Hammes

1937-38       Sister Leonida Schirmer

1937-40       Sister Dorissa Erbert

1939-51       Sister Almeda Kuhn

1939-41       Sister Paulette Scheck

1940-45       Sister Lauraine Staab

1940-41       Sister Georgiana Werner

1940-43       Sister Gervase Frank

1940-43       Sister Reginald Hruz

1940-45       Sister Lois Karlin

1941-43       Sister Gabriel Polzar

1941-45       Sister Mary Mattern (Alvera)

1943-54       Sister Petronilla Manneback

1943-47       Sister Jane Therese Hoffman

1943-46       Sister Regina Gabel (Antoninus)

1944-52       Sister Annabel Dreiling

1944-46       Sister Mary Jude Meidl

1944-47       Sister Stella Schmidt

1944-51       Sister Harriet Mary (Mary Gregory)

1944-48       Sister John Berchmans Brissette

1945-50       Sister Angela Berens

1941-54       Sister Felicia Wasinger

1947-48       Sister Joan of Arc Dupras

1946-48       Sister Jovita Reichling

1948-53       Sister Verda Goetz

1948-50       Sister Mary Catherine Karlin

1948-51       Sister Germaine Lichtle

1948-55       Sister Clementia Schueler

1950-53       Sister Mary Louise Brandl

1950-51       Sister Mary Barbara Altman

1950-51       Sister Rosemary Hoeffel

1950-52       Sister Agrippina Petrosino

1951-57       Sister Agnes Schueler (Alexander)

1951-55       Sister Bertha Bumann (Vincent)

1951-52       Sister Mary Helen (DePazzi) Szekeresh

1951-52       Sister Carmelyn Pfannenstiel

1951-56       Sister Jovita Reichling

1952-54       Sister Nicola Hammes

1952-54       Sister Leonida Schirmer

1952-54       Sister Mary Mattern (Alvera)

1952-62       Sister Silveria Boos

1953-57       Sister Margaret Pizarek (Joseph Maria)

1954-59       Sister Paulina Meis

1954-56       Sister Claudine McCormick

1954-57       Sister Augustine Sullivan

1954-55       Sister Mary Elise Leiker

1954-59       Sister Eugenia Ankenbruck

1955-61       Sister Dorothea Betka

1955-57       Sister Mary Monica Kutch

1955-60       Sister Emerita Unrein

1956-57       Sister Rosaline Stephanie

1956-66       Sister Loraine Pfannenstiel (Edwin)

1957-60       Sister Mary Mattern (Alvera)

1958-65       Sister Yvonne Endres (Ivan)

1960-66       Sister Irma Reichling

1960-67       Sister Julie Erbert (Angelora)

1961-74       Sister Vincentia Weidmann

1962-66       Sister Viola Sander (Rosalie)

1965-68       Sister Catherine Boland (Mary Joseph)

1965-68       Sister Janice Funk

1966-67       Sister Louise Budash (Martin)

1966-74       Sister Consolata Wasinger

1967-70       Sister Johnel Ruder

1967-70       Sister Fidelis Karlin

1967-74       Sister Lauraine Staab

1968-69       Sister Bernadine Dreiling

1968-70       Sister Mary Alice Walters

1970-73       Sister Mary Mattern (Alvera)

1971-72       Sister Silveria Boos

1972-73       Sister Bernadine Dreiling

1973-74       Sister Mary Pfannenstiel

1968-70       Sister Agnes Kircher (Joseph Gerard)

1970-71       Sister Matilda Meis

1970-75       Sister Marcella Karlin

1972-74       Sister Regina Gabel (Antoninus)

1974-80       Sister Rebecca Endres

1975-76       Sister George Marie Winkel

1976-77       Sister Eugenia Ankenbruck

1978-80       Sister Rosamond Reisinger

1979-81       Sister Mercedes Geib

1979-82       Sister Helen Mueller

1979-80       Sister Martina Kuhn

1981-83       Sister Helen Renzelmann

1982-84       Sister Rene’ Backe

1983-          Sister Martina Kuhn

1984-          Sister Mary Donna Dreiling

1984-          Sister Leonissa Karlin

1984-          Sister Caroleen Perkins

1984-          Sister Ruth Battaglia

1984-          Sister Christine Schultz

1985-          Sister Mary Martha Karlin

1985-          Sister Magdala Basgall