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April 8, 1876

Herzog became the largest of the Volga-German colonies in Ellis County. Situated in the Southeast Quarter of Section 1, Township 14, Range 17 one-half mile north of the English colony of Victoria, it was established by the following founders on April 8, 1876.

Freiderich Arnhold

Jakob Arnhold

Eva Hoffman Arnhold

Katharina Margaretha Faller Arnhold

Philip Arnhold

Katharina Dreiling Arnhold

Andreas Billinger

Magdalena Scheck Billinger

Johannes Peter Braun

Anna Martha Weber Braun

Joseph Braun

Katharina Rohleder Dreiling

Alois Dreiling

Maria Elizabetha Rupp Dreiling

Anton Dreiling

Maria Elizabetha Rupp Dreiling

Nikolas Dreiling

Katharina Wahl Dreiling

Nikolas Dreiling

Margaretha Seib Dreiling

Peter N. Dreiling

Elizabetha Richmeier Dreiling

Christina (Anna Maria) Geist

Johann Jakob Geist

Anna Maria Bieker Geist

Johannes Geist

Kaharina Gerber Geist

Wilhelm Geist

Katharina Elizabetha Meis Geist

Andreas Goetz

Anna Bollig Goetz

Johann Goetz

Anna Maria Mermis Goetz

Anton Herman

Elizabetha Dreiling Herman

Johannes Kreutzer

Katharina Asselborn Kreutzer

Jakob Lang

Susanna Urban Lang

Peter Quint

Margaretha Gerber Quint

Michael Rome

Anna Schreiner Rome

Andreas Sander

Katharina Knoll Sander

J. Adam Sander

Elizabetha Lauber Sander

Johannes Peter Sander

Anna Katharina Brungardt Sander

Michael Storm, Jr.

Eva Knaub Storm

Michael Storm, Sr.

Elizabetha Ries Storm

Joseph Stroemel

Barbara Urban Stroemel

Ignatz Vonfeldt

Anton Weber

Anna Maria Gerber Weber

Franz Weber

Anna Barbara Mueller Weber

Andreas Weigel

Ignatz Weigel

Elizabetha Sander Weigel

Johannes Anton Weigel

The original founders of Herzog gathered at Saratov from the nine villages of Herzog, Boregard, Liebental, Obermonjour, Marienthal, Louis, New-Obermonjour, Marienburg, and Graf. They left Saratov on October 24, 1875.

Sailing from Bremen, Germany, on November 2, 1875, they landed at Baltimar, Maryland, on November 23 following a rough, 21 day sea voyage. Traveling by train, they arrived in Topeka on November 28. They were quartered for several days in the Kings Bridge Building until rental accommodations could be secured in north Topeka. During the winter of 1875-76 they worked out of Topeka at common labor, on the railroad, or for local farmers.

Some of their leaders recommended land in the Hog Back vicinity in Ellis County but this was rejected by the group. Eventually they agreed on the site where Herzog was ultimately located.

The first dwellings were erected immediately after the April 8, 1876, arrival on the ast bank of Big Creek a short distance west of the present town.

The friends and relatives who had remained in Russia were obviously impressed by the glowing reports from Kansas. On July 8, 1876, the largest single expedition to leave for the colonies departed from Saratov. Within this group were 108 families for whom Balthasar Brungardt had undertaken to secure emigration passes. This contingent sailed on the “Mosel”, landing in new York and then arrived in Victoria on August 3, 1876.

This group consisted of the following families:

Father / Mother                     Children

Peter Braun                             

Peter Andreas Braun                 Maria

Katharina Margaretha              

Andreas Brungardt                   Andreas, Johannes, Margaretha, Katharina, Michael, Joseph


Balthasar Brungardt                 Franz, Alexander, Michael


Franz Brungardt                       Margaretha, Andreas, Monika, Barbara, Johannes, Katharina, Anna


Franz Brungardt, Sr.

Anna Maria

John Peter Brungardt               

Peter Brungardt                        Peter, Anna Maria, Andreas, Katharina, Margaretha


Peter Brungardt (Dobler)          Margaretha, Andreas, Anton, Peter, Michael, Balthasar, Franz


Alois Denning                           Alois, Anna, Katharina, Christina, Maria


Elizabetha Denning (mother)

Michael Denning                       Joseph, Jokob, Barbara, Margaretha, Katharina, Barbara

Anna Maria

Andreas Dinkel

Georg Dinkel                            Elizabetha, Peter


Johannes Peter Dinkel              Eva, Johannes, Peter


Anton M. Dreiling                      Anna Barbara, Rosa, Peter

Anna Maria

Elizabetha Dreiling

Franz M. Dreiling                      Katharina, Anton

Maria Anna

Johannes S. Dreiling

Michael Dreiling, Sr.                  Johannes


Michael M. Dreiling                   Michael, Balthasar


Paulina Dreiling

Peter M. Dreiling                       Paulina


John Frank


Joseph Kapp

Adam Knoll                               Michael, Johannes, Johannes Peter, Peter


Andreas Kuhn                           Andreas, Anna Katharina

Anna Katharina

Johannes Kuhn                        


Johannes Kuhn, Sr. (Widower) 

Michael Kuhn                            Anna Barbara, Johannes, Jakob, Michael, Agnes, Katharina, Anna,

Susanna                                   Barbara

Michael Kuhn, Sr.                     Magdalena, Johannes


Michael M. Kuhn                       Agnes


Anton Mermis                           Anton, Peter, Franz, Konrad


Andreas Pfeifer


Johannes Pfeifer                       Johannes, Maria, Elizabetha


Michael Pfeifer, Sr.                    Michael, Anna Katharina, Adam, Paulina


Adam Riedel                             Agnes, Anna

Anna Maria

Andreas Riedel                         Anna Maria, Johannes, Adam


Martin Riedel                            Andreas


Peter Rome                               Eva


Ignatz Sander                          Anna, Katharina, Joseph, Anton


Magdalena Sander (Mother)

Friederich Schamber                 Peter, Christina, Anna Maria


Andreas Scheck, Jr.                  Peter, Katharina, Joseph, Franciska, Andreas, Anna


Andreas Scheck, Sr.                  Johannes


Michael Schmidtberger

Andreas Vonfeldt                     


Johannes Vonfeldt                    Peter, Margaretha, Christian, Johnnes

Joseph Vonfedt                         Anna Maria, Anna


Johannes Wasinger                  Johannes, Stanislaus, Franz, Peter, Joseph


Michael Weigel                         Johannes, Peter, Michael, Valentine, Barbara, Peter Andreas, Joseph,

Katharina                                 Katharina

Johannes Windholz (Single)

Johannes Wittman                    Anna Katharina, Alexander, Andreas, Johannes, Michael


Peter Wittman                          Anna


Martin Younger (Junker)           Johannes, Johannes, Michael, Joseph, Katharina, Anna


Peter Younger (Junker)             Johannes, Peter, Margaretha

From Obermonjour

Father / Mother                     Children 

Johannes Leiker                        Adolf, Katharina, Pius, Michael, Rosa


Anton Rupp                              Alexander, Joseph, Caecilia, Maria, Anna, Rosa


Jakob Rupp                               Margaretha, Anna Maria


Kaspar Rupp                             Kaspar, Michael, Agnes


Margaretha Rupp (Mother)

From Louis

Father / Mother                     Children

Joseph Graf, Sr.                        Joseph, Peter

Anna Maria

Sebastian Graf (Father of Joseph)

Martin Quint                             Margaretha, Martin, Franz, Johannes Michael, Peter


Michael Quint                           Aloysius, Margaretha, Anna Barbara, Katharina, Veronica, Rosa


From Graf

Father / Mother                     Children

Heinrich Gerber (Single)

A few days before Christmas, 1877 three new families arrived in Herzog from Russia.  They were:

Father / Mother                     Children

Peter Kuhn                               Peter


Peter Linenberger                    

Anna Maria

Joseph Schmidtberger


On June 20, 1878 the family of Jakob Lang, Sr. came from Kamenka to settle in Herzog.

The last major group to emigrate from Russia for settlement in Herzog, came under the leadership of Joseph Linenberger, arriving in Victoria, September 15, 1878.  This group consisted of the following families:

Father / Mother                     Children

Johannes Billinger


Andreas Goetz                          Andreas, Joseph


Henery Hausen                         (2 in family)

Peter Kuhn                               Michael, Nicholaus, Amalia, Anton, Margaretha


Andreas Linenberger


Joseph Linenberger                   Johannes, Maria, Peter, Katharina, Joseph, Gertrude


Johannes Pfeifer                       Elizabetha, Adam, Margaretha, Katharina, Barbara, Andreas

Anna Margaretha

Johannes Pfeifer                       Johannes

Anna Maria

Michael Vonfeldt                       (2 in family)

Valentine Weigel                       (8 in family)

Johannes Windholz                   (12 in family)

Additional immigrants continued to settle in Herzog until the beginning of the first World War but came singly or in small groups.