Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Among all the works of art in Saint Fidelis Catholic Church, the Stations of the Cross stand out as extraordinary. They were carved of linden wood in the Austrian Tyrol during the early years of the 20th century and were purchased in 1917 from the International Statuary Company for the price of $135.00 each. In the fall of that year they were hung in the church. The ornate frames retain the natural color and texture of linden, while the figures are hand-painted in delicate colors. Lining the north and south walls between the windows, these stations beautifully catch, in their fine wood grain and soft colors, the changing light of the passing hours.


Stations of the Cross in St. Fidelis Catholic Church


First Station

Jesus is condemned to death.

O Jesus, so meek and uncomplaining, teach me resignation in trials.

Second Station

Jesus is made to bear the cross.

My Jesus, this Cross should be mine, not Thine; my sins crucified Thee.

Third Station

Jesus falls the first time.

O Jesus, by this first fall, never let me fall into mortal sin.


 Fourth Station

Jesus meets His afflicted mother.

O Jesus, may no human tie, however dear, keep me from following the road of the Cross.

 Fifth Station

Cyrenean helps Jesus to carry His cross.

Simon unwillingly assisted Thee; may I with patience suffer all for Thee.

Sixth Station

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

O Jesus!  Thou didst imprint Thy sacred features upon Veronica's veil; stamp them also indelibly upon my heart.



 Seventh Station

Jesus falls the second time.

By Thy second fall, preserve me, dear Lord, from relapse into sin.

 Eighth Station

Jesus speaks to the daughters of Jerusalem.

My greatest consolation would be to hear Thee say:  "Many sins are forgiven thee, because thou hast loved much."

 Ninth Station

Jesus falls the third time.

O Jesus, when weary upon life's long journey, be Thou my strength and my perseverance.


 Tenth Station

Jesus is stripped of His garments.

My soul has been robbed of its robe of innocence;  clothe me, dear Jesus, with the garb of penance and contrition.

 Eleventh Station

Jesus is nailed to the cross.

Thou didst forgive Thy enemies;  my God, teach me to forgive injuries and forget them.

 Twelfth Station

Jesus dies on the cross.

Thou art dying, my Jesus, but Thy Sacred Heart still throbs with love for Thy sinful children.


 Thirteenth Station

Jesus is taken down from the cross.

Receive me into thy arms, O Sorrowful Mother;  and obtain for me perfect contrition for my sins.

 Fourteenth Station

Jesus is placed in the sepulchre.

When I receive Thee into my heart in Holy Communion, O Jesus, make it a fit abiding place for Thy adorable Body.